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After the explosion in the Battle of Nemesis, Doji got hurt and laughed. He fell into the ocean. He almost died. Suddenly, he realized he was in a machine. He pressed some buttons and his body was gone for ever. But, his spirit went into a machine. After 7 years the Garcias found Doji. Doji said you must listen to me. The Garcias excepted. Soon, they gathered more bladers. They also found about the new era of beyblade. They hacked into the WBBA and made beyblades for the DNA. Doji was tricking the other bladers in the DNA. When, the DNA found out that Doji was tricking them, they joined Zero Kurogane. However, it was too late. Doji got enough data to make the ultimate beyblade. It was Phantom Fenir. It was unbeatable and even Ginka Hagane lost against Phantom Fenir the first time.


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